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All essences extracted from natural herbs and plants. 100% natural.
Natural essences added to the pad , maximum quality of material use in all component of the pad.

Only 1 liter of herbal extract can be produce from 1 tons of material.
Only 1 liter of flower extract can be produce from 10000 tons of material.
Maximum quality of pad and assurance of health.
Ordinary pads in the market only for obsorbing blood but no other herbal and antibacterial effects.
Our pads is not for medical use , please consult with health specialist before use if you have and Gynecological diseases.
In accordance with the Taiwan government specifications, the product from raw material start a "fluorescent agent" and "transferable fluorescent agents" test, and the product submission in full compliance with health standards Hattori.
Transferable fluorescent agent that is unable to use instruments to measure UV light in general, and will penetrate the pores of the carcinogen exposure through the skin, require special detection equipment, Taiwan is not allowed to appear in the relevant laws, please feel at ease to use.
Yellow pigment on the product surface! ?
Original herbal extracts are green and yellow colors, and natural substances will produce precipitation phenomenon.
Yes, Just a gentle and mild coolness.
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