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How to recognize synthetic essence and pure essence When essense has not added to the product, relatively easy to distinguish between true and false, but when has been added to the product, how to tell it? Do not worry, in fact, very simple!
1. Odor Discrimination::

One difference is the natural and chemical smell.
For example, when you smell the roses in the garden incense, it will come accompanied by some grass incense, and not simply just rigid aroma only.
Natural essential oils extracted original taste will be more complex, different levels, even a bad smell (some plant itself is not lovable taste), nor pungent, dizziness; relatively chemically synthesized by the single, rigid, only pure aroma only.

Identification method: the product is exposed to air for 10 minutes, if it is the original taste changed oil extraction, if the taste has not changed, still sustained by a synthetic aromatic essences.

2. Identify the Cool Feeling:

If you buy any herbal sanitary pads which also mint and borneol added, that would be a good sense of cool discern a way that is slowly lifted after the original sense of coolness , extraction of essential esseces to use, and it should not be a very stimulating sensation ; compared with chemical essential essences which you can very quickly feel the strong cool feeling.

For natural essences ,the coolness should ease and weaken after exposed to air after  30 minutes,  where the synthetic essences you will always feel a strong cold cool sensation even after 1 hour exposed to air..

 (Under strict FDA regulations, for the amount of borneol and menthol it is limited)

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